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Early Head Gasket Set

Early Head Gasket Set

Part#: EN130
Price: $125.00
Availability: In Stock
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Fits 1200A engines.

Finally a brand new gasket set that is available for the 1954 1200A motor!

Includes head, exhaust, valve cover, hot spot, 2 side cover, & thermostat housing gaskets.

If you want any of the other seals / gaskets we include in the late head gasket set you can use that as a reference and purchase them individually. We also have them in the related items below. The other seals would be 2 carburetor gaskets, oil filler cap seal, & 2 valve cover grommets.

Unfortunately none of these gaskets are available individually (unless they fit the 1200B or 1500 motor), only as a kit.

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