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Best Quality New & Used Parts For Nash Metropolitans
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Nash Metropolitan Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are the frequently asked questions we receive regarding 1954 to 1962 Nash Metropolitans models. These are simply guidelines as every situation is different and it is not possible to answer all questions without first seeing the car. The final decision on what to use is up to the car’s owner. If you have any questions please email us at: info@shopmetropolitanparts.com! Metropolitan Parts, Inc. will not be responsible or liable for labor, incidental, or consequential damages of any kind. Metropolitan Parts, Inc. will also not be liable for any damage, injury, or death that results from these guidelines. The owner/mechanic assumes full responsibly to insure that the car is safe to drive without any mechanical issues. If unsure first check with a local certified mechanic.

Nash Metropolitan Brake/Clutch Fluid

All of the hydraulic brake/clutch parts that we sell can be used with any modern brake fluid; DOT 3, 4, or 5. However never intermix DOT 3 or 4 with DOT 5 as doing so will result in brake failure. As a general rule of thumb always check with the manufacturer / supplier for compatibility with any brake fluids. For a complete brake / clutch fluid flush we recommend having 1 quart of fluid.

Nash Metropolitan Engine Motor Oil

For a rebuilt engine any modern conventional 10W-30 can be used; use 10W-40 for a non rebuilt engine. For any oils that do not have zinc be sure to use a zinc additive to protect the cam shaft from unusual wear. Full synthetic or synthetic blends tend to cause too may leaks. For an engine oil change you will need 4 quarts.

Nash Metropolitan Transmission Oil

30W straight weight conventional motor oil. Full synthetic or synthetic blends tend to cause too may leaks. The service manual says 2.25 quarts but we have found for a complete transmission flush and oil change 2.5 quarts is more accurate.

Nash Metropolitan Rear End/Steering Box Oil

Conventional 80/90 Gear Oil or 75/90 Synthetic Gear Oil. For a rear end oil change you will need .75 quart. For a steering box oil change you will need approximately 12 ounces. If doing both you would have to get 2 quarts even though you don't need that much.

Nash Metropolitan Anti Freeze

Standard Green Anti Freeze at a 50 50 mix. A gallon of anti freeze and then top it off with water will do the job.

Nash Metropolitan Tires

5.60 X 13 is the original bias ply tire and 155 80R/13 is the modern radial equivalent size. Modern radials are available at most local tire dealers in black wall or narrow white wall. Wide white walls in radial and bias ply versions are available from all of the major antique tire dealers. Do not use any larger sizes as they will rub on the front fenders.

Nash Metropolitan Rear End

A 4:22 rear end gear ratio is standard from serial number E-21008 to the end of the production. This provides good acceleration but limited top end speed due to high engine revolutions. A common switch is to a 3:90 rear end gear ratio which will reduce acceleration but gives you a better top end speed with less engine whine due to high engine revolutions. Please refer to the transmission data sheet in the footer of our website.

Nash Metropolitan Disc Brakes

Disc brake conversations are a very popular upgrade as they are a better braking system than drum brakes and our kit also gives you a dual master cylinder which is a big safety upgrade. However the factory drum brakes (when set up and restored properly) provide adequate braking power when the car is driven for its intended purpose of local commuting.

Nash Metropolitan Lead Additive

For an original engine head that has not been rebuilt a lead substitute additive, added to the gas, is recommended. If your engine head has been rebuilt with hardened seats this additive is not needed.

Nash Metropolitan Serial Number Location

Please refer to page three of our catalog or to the link in the footer of our website for extensive instructions on locating the factory stamped serial number.

Nash Metropolitan Conversion to Negative Ground

Please refer to the Negative Ground Conversion instructions in the footer of our website. This will allow you to run any modern 12v accessory such as charging a cell phone. It will not affect the function of anything else electrical in the car unless it is electronic, such as an electronic radio vibrator or electronic ignition.

Nash Metropolitan Hood Ornament

A hood ornament was never installed on Metropolitans at the factory. The Flying Lady hood ornament was a dealer installed option that actually came from the full size Nash of the time. They are not available new but used ones sometimes are available.

Nash Metropolitan Exterior Rear View Mirrors

These mirrors were never factory installed but were often times installed at the dealership. As such there was one listed in the dealer installed accessories book but the dealers actually installed a wide variety of styles.

Nash Metropolitan Battery

All Metropolitans had 12 volt electrical systems. A standard automotive type in group size 24F is the correct battery. For cars that are not used on a regular basis, a marine starting battery of the same size will provide a longer cranking time for hard to start engines. The use of a battery tender is recommended to prolong the life of your battery.

Nash Metropolitan Engine Swap

A variety of modern engine/transmission conversions have been completed on Metropolitans with varying results. There aren’t any that we have seen that are direct bolt ins without major modifications. It can be done but it will be very time consuming and expensive. A properly set up/restored factory drive line works great for most uses of the Metropolitan.

Nash Metropolitan Chronology

If you want to know the exact month and year that your car was built please refer to the Chronology that is listed in the footer of our web site. It will also give you the exact times of the various changes that were done at the factory to the Metropolitan.

Nash Metropolitan Timing Chain Cover Felt Seal

This can be a tough one to install and not have it leak plus it is not the most efficient design from the factory. Be sure the matching groove on the timing chain cover is completely free of any of the old seal or debris of any kind. Spread a small amount of light oil in this groove and work the felt seal slowly into it. You will need to push in a small section of it at a time, working around the circular groove. When done it must be installed completely level to the groove all the way around it. If it is bunched up in any place it will leak and a tell tale spray pattern will show on the inner fenders. When supplies are available there is an upgraded cover that has a rubber seal which works much better – please inquire.

Nash Metropolitan Convertible Door Closing Issues

This is a very common issue in the convertible model primarily due to rust issues. On the Hardtop the roof is structural and prohibits many of these problems. But without it on the convertible proper door opening/closing is heavily reliant on the rest of the unibody construction. Any rust out/weak steel in the floor, inner or outer rockers, door posts, or sub frame will cause major problems in the convertible with mid body sagging. They can be made to work correctly but it usually takes major steel repair/fabrication to do so which can get very expensive.

Nash Metropolitan Market Value

Metropolitans have increased considerably in value and demand with many more quality restorations being completed. A very common question is “How much is it worth?” The simple and most correct answer is it is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Market prices have been all over the map with some of the bigger auctions selling them at prices of 30 + K but these are a bit inflated. Online price guides such as NADA’s classic car price guide will give you a good idea as to the current market price. Generally speaking the late model convertibles (see above) and hardtops sell for the most money. Be extremely aware of rust issues in these cars! They are very susceptible to major rust out in the floors, sub frame, door posts, inner/outer rockers, rear shackle mounts plus other areas. These are expensive to repair properly with new steel.

Nash Metropolitan Shifting Issues

Most shifting issues can be resolved by using the shifter alignment procedure in the factory service manual. We also wrote up an extensive tech tip on this issue which has been sent out in our newsletters but is also available by emailing us at: info@shopmetropolitanparts.com!

Nash Metropolitan Tire Jack

The factory original jack is not recommended as it has a bad habit of tipping over due to a very small base, plus it lifts the entire side of the car. This can be a problem for cars with the common rust out issues in the rocker panel areas. The best solution is to use a common scissor type jack that is available locally. They are small in size for easy storage and can be used to just lift the wheel of the tire that needs changed. Be sure to pick one that is safe for your usage.