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Nash Metropolitan Brakes

Get all your Nash Metropolitan brake parts here. We have brand new early and late wheel cylinders, brake shoes, brake hoses, & all the hardware kits you'll need to fix your braking system correctly. We have both steel and stainless steel prebent brake line sets to make your life a lot easier.

We have the best quality and least expensive prices on all our brake parts. Our exclusive line of Bull Dawg brake parts - early and late front and rear wheel cylinders, brake master cylinders (5/8” & ¾”) front & rear brake shoes, brake hoses, front & rear brake return spring kits, brake shoe hold down kits, brake adjusters, parking brake parts, and much much more. They are all top of the line parts where the value can't be beaten anywhere.

If you're looking for the best disc brake conversion kit out there then look no further. We don't cut any corners making our exclusive disc brake kit. It includes custom parts designed to fit on the stock front suspension and correctly underneath your rims. The calipers & rotors are custom machined to fit correctly. Our custom dual master cylinder and taper bearing upgrade make this kit an outstanding value, with the double bonus of making your Metropolitan braking system more modern, dependable, and much safer to drive. Disc brakes are far superior to drum brakes and will make you a lot more comfortable driving around town.

We also have really good overhaul complete brake kits for your original braking system. From front to rear you can restore your Metropolitan brakes correctly with all new high quality parts. To even give you a more complete job we have brand new correct drums, brake adjuster wrench, stainless steel drum screws, brake pedal pads, steel & stainless steel prebent brake lines, brake return springs, & all the correct hardware to do the job right.

If you’re looking for Nash Metropolitan Brakes, you came to the right place!