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Best Quality New & Used Parts For Nash Metropolitans
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Nash Metropolitan Fuel Parts

All the Nash Metropolitan fuel parts you could ever want are right here. Browse for air cleaner parts, kits, & brackets right here. We have brand new fuel pumps, gas tanks, & prebent steel & stainless steel fuel lines - along with just about anything else you could think of.

Your fuel system on your Metropolitan, or any antique vehicle for that matter, is extremely important. Everything starts back at your fuel tank. So starting with a brand new or properly relined gas tank is the way to go. We only carry the best gas tank on the market. They are made to extremely high standards, with high quality Ni-Terne corrosion resistant steel. When you buy a fuel tank from us you're guaranteed to get the best quality on the market, there are cheaper options out there but we won’t sell them.

Once you have your gas tank situation straightened out it’s important to have a new or properly working sending unit. Once again we only sell a high quality unit with a double armed rheostat (like the originals). From there you want to make sure you have clean fuel lines going into your fuel pump. A modern in line filter is a must for any fuel system. If you buy brand new steel or stainless steel prebent lines from us they will come with a screw in fuel filter. If you want to use your originals an in line modern style fuel filter is a must.

Rebuild or replace your fuel pump, replace the fuel pump hose and you’ll have good clean gas running up to your carburetor. The fuel pump hose has a stainless steel external braiding that protects the rubber hose, but since it’s a rubber hose it should be replaced like an old brake hose would be.

We have all these parts brand new or rebuilt and you’ll be sure to get the correct parts. We also carry a brand new accelerator / gas pedal, rod grommet, boot, high quality rebuilt machined carburetor, & so much more to keep your Nash Metropolitan on the road.