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Early Lower Engine Gasket Set

Early Lower Engine Gasket Set

Part#: EN131
Price: $99.00
Availability: In Stock
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Fits 1200A engines.

Finally a brand new gasket set that is available for the 1954 1200A motor!

Includes oil pan, front & rear backing plate, timing chain cover, 2 main seal, 2 side cover, timing chain felt seal, oil pump to block & to strainer, water elbow, water pump, thermostat housing, & distributor to block gaskets.

If you want any of the other seals / gaskets you would need to reseal your block we have them in the related items. The other gaskets you'd need would be an early fuel pump gasket, early oil pan drain seal, 2 side cover fiber washers, & 2 late drain plug seals (used to seal the block drain & oil pressure sending unit adapter to block).

Unfortunately none of these gaskets are available individually (unless they fit the 1200B or 1500 motor), only as a kit.

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