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Upper Door Seal

Upper Door Seal

Part#: BO208
Price: $25.00
Availability: In Stock
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2 required.

Correct original design that will fit correctly.

The upper door seal is the same for a hardtop or a convertible. If you have a convertible you would cut into 3 pieces per side.

When using the correct upper door seal you won't have the issue of your window banging off the seal when shutting the door, once adjusted properly.

Installation Tip: This seal can take some time to install properly. You will need a tool that doesn't have sharp edges; if you don't have something like that you can round off both edges of a flat head screw driver. Once you have a tool that won't damage the rubber, slowly work the seal into the tract. It's designed to be tight so when you open and shut the door it doesn't pull the rubber extrusion out of the tract. We have designed the new rubber to be tight enough to fit in the tract correctly but have an easier to install rubber durometer. This is needed for the seal to function correctly and be practical to install.

Also included in all of our Body Gasket Kits.

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