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Fuel Pump Rebuild Kit

Fuel Pump Rebuild Kit

Part#: FU29
Price: $26.00
Availability: In Stock
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Fits all Metropolitan fuel pumps.

Includes inlet & outlet valves, fiber valve gaskets, rubber lid seal, 4 fiber washers, both early & late block gaskets, diaphragm, & the fiber washer for the top bolt on the lid.

You won't find anywhere else a kit that actually gives you everything you need to do the job once and do it right.

These kits only work on the factory original fuel pumps that had rebuildable valves. If you have a fuel pump that has pressed in valves they aren't rebuildable.

If you need the correct RTV Gasket Cement click on the link.

Installation tip: When installing the inlet & outlet valves (make sure to seal them down correctly with the included valve gaskets & reusing the original metal valve retainer) be sure to install them correctly. If they do get put in upside down, it's no big deal, just remove the middle section and flip them around.

The inlet valve is installed facing up when the middle section is upside down. The valve will be beside the female inlet port marked "In".

The outlet valve is installed facing down when the middle section is upside down. The valve will be beside the female port marked "AC".

Be sure to have the diaphragm locked down correctly and hand pump the fuel pump before installing, make sure it sucks on the inlet and pushes on the outlet. This will save you the time and frustration of taking it off and putting it back on the engine block. 

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