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AM FM Bluetooth Radio Conversion

AM FM Bluetooth Radio Conversion

Part#: EL144
Price: $995.00
Availability: In Stock
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Negative ground only.

With this modern electronic radio you can now listen to both AM & FM radio and have Bluetooth capabilities in your Metropolitan. The radio has been installed in the factory original radio case (still using the original on/off switch / volume control & the tuner). There aren't any modifications to your dash or electrical wiring and the radio still uses the original knobs and antenna. Your dash will look completely original but with a very modern radio. Complete detailed instructions included.

Auxiliary input for 12 volt negative ground systems.

Includes a 6 foot auxiliary input cable with a 3.5 mm stereo male plug on each end - for your smart phone or any music player with a head phone jack - iPod, MP3 player, etc. The other end plugs in the AUX input jack on the back of the radio. Has a modern inline fuse on the red power wire that connects to your ignition switch with an installed ring terminal.

Also includes a microphone with a 10 foot cable so you can use your smart phone hands free. It would be considered a Bluetooth "in". You would stream the music from your device to the radio.

4 channel outputs (to add up to 4 speakers) - 45 watts per channel for a total of 180 watts running on a 12 volt negative ground system. Our conversion board will automatically configure to know how many speakers are being used.

Also includes an upgraded high quality 4 X 6 speaker that can handle the extra power from the conversion board. This can be used without adding any speakers to your system. The speaker is wired for both channels while the rear stereo pair is in the new harness.

Additional Features:

1.  Scan - picks up the next available radio station.
2.  Virtual Balance - used to balance volume to left and right speakers, if installed.
3.  Virtual Fader - used to balance volume to front and back speakers, if installed.
4.  Tone Switch - adjusts bass/treble.
5.  Voice Assist - announces the status of the radio when the above are adjusted; plus the station number that you are listening to and AM or FM.

Bead blasted, primed, painted gray, clear coated speaker cover, & top cover.

Does not include EL83 Radio Knob Set or the 2 thin attaching nuts.

2 year warranty for parts & labor. Our conversion board is pretty bullet proof and our rebuilder has never had a defective one.

With a negative ground car you can now charge your cell phone, add a modern radio, alternator, or any modern electrical accessory of your choice. If you need to change your car to negative ground you can click on the link by scrolling down to the footer at the bottom of every page and click on the negative ground conversion instructions.

Core Charge - 80.00.


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