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Seat Track Set - used

Seat Track Set - used

Part#: BO289
Price: $195.00
Availability: In Stock
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Good used set of seat tracks that we've media blasted, primed, fixed / repaired any broken studs or metal, & added new return springs (if needed). We don't grease them so you can paint first if you'd like. But they do move back and forth.

The wire and clamp connecting the two tracks is usually missing or cut so we've made a new one.

There are two different mounting hole widths for these tracks. One is 12" from bolt hole to bolt hole & the other is 12 1/2". You will need to measure this first before ordering. You can see the mounting holes in the last picture.

If you're replacing your floors then it doesn't matter. But be sure to put in the notes when ordering if you need the 12" or the 12 1/2".

We have very limited supply of either ones.

Please send your cores even if they're in very bad shape. You'd be surprised what can be fixed.

Core Charge - 100.00.

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