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Trafficator Rebuild Service

Trafficator Rebuild Service

Part#: EL26
Price: $195.00
Availability: In Stock
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Rebuild charge to complete disassemble, clean, lubricate, install a new wiring harness, & bench test to work as new. Includes a new ferrule (EL27) for the compression nut at steering box & very detailed installation / trouble shooting instructions.

The service is a special order where you send your core into us to rebuild. You will need to send your horn button & retaining ring face plate in for testing & protection in shipping.

Please fill out the mail order sheet by scrolling down to the footer at the bottom of every page and click on the fax / mail order form and send with your trafficator core - do NOT send the Trafficator Tube, as that will only add to the shipping cost & would be easier to damage in shipping.

Note - parts that need to be replaced are at an additional cost and you must send in your complete core fist to be rebuilt. If you do not have a core there will be a 200.00 charge for one.

Rebuild service does not include a new horn button (they are available new if you need one - EL31 or EL32) or painting of the horn button retaining ring face plate. The face plate is now available new - EL134.

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