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Generator - lightly used

Generator - lightly used

Part#: EL1
Price: $115.00
Availability: In Stock
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Brand new exact fit generator. Why mess around paying electrical shops about the same cost or more to "rebuild" your original when you can get a brand new unit.

All they basically do is clean them up and put a set of brushes in them; new armatures and all the other parts aren't available new. Trust us we've been burnt by several rebuilt units and won't use them anymore.

We have 1 generator that was installed but taken back out of the car and returned to us. It has been tested outside of a car on a generator testing machine. The electrical shop that does this for us has been in business over 30 years and we've done business with them for 15 + years. So you can be confident you are getting a generator that will work correctly for you at a discounted price. Save 20.00 off retail.

It will have the normal marks on them from being bolted to an engine.

Includes the large spade terminal if you're still using an original wiring harness.

You will need to reuse your original Generator Pulley and Generator Fan. We do have those brand new now, click below in the related items or on the red links.

As with all bargain bin products they are sold as is and aren't returnable, unless defective.

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