Bull Dawg
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Part#: EL147
Price: $255.00
Availability: In Stock
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Brand new Trafficator without any core charge!

Will install and work correctly in any Metropolitan. The horn button is black, as opposed to the original Bulls-eye Horn Button, but works the same. Unfortunately they are not interchangeable.

Before shipping, every unit has been bench tested to work the same as the original trafficator but with improved engineering & plastics for longer life. As of now it doesn't appear there are new replacement parts.

Includes new Ferrule & detailed installation instructions. 

If you're not worried about having an exact original trafficator this is the part for you. If you want to keep your trafficator and horn button original we do offer the Trafficator Rebuild Service or you can purchase the parts individually and repair yourself.

Rebate form included for your original trafficator.

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