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Starter - lightly used

Starter - lightly used

Part#: EL3 - lightly used
Price: $115.00
Availability: In Stock
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No core charge - 100% brand new (except being lightly used - please read description below). Quit fooling around with rebuilds that cost about the same or more.

Rebuilders can't get new individual parts for these no matter what they tell you.

The chance of you ever wearing out a new one compared to a rebuilt one is very slim. Do the job once and be done with it.

We have a starter that was installed but taken back out of the car and returned to us. It has been tested outside of a car on a starter testing machine. The electrical shop that does this for us has been in business over 30 years and we've done business with them for 15 + years. So you can be confident you are getting a starter that will work correctly for you at a discounted price. Save 20.00 off retail.

No internal parts were worn out and replaced, it will still be factory sealed and has never been internally opened (unless something needed further inspection). It will have the normal marks on it from being bolted to an engine.

If you need the correct Starter Drive Housing Screw or the 100% brand new starter just click on it in the related items below.

You should have 12.6 volts from your battery to work the drive correctly. Even if it's a new battery it's still possible that it's not producing 12.6 volts. Making sure you have 12.6 volts to start and optimally 14 volts when running may help avoid purchasing a starter that you don't need.

We will test, outside of a car, any starter that is being sent back as defective - we highly recommend you test outside of a car before returning. We will no longer accept any returns of used starters that are tested, outside of a car, and proven to be working correctly. Every starter that leaves here has the drive manually checked to work properly and will be tagged. Please test before installing. If there is a defect we will 100% stand behind any of our products.

As with all bargain bin products they are sold as is and aren't returnable, unless defective.

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