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3:9 Rear End - pitting in gears

3:9 Rear End - pitting in gears

Part#: UMP
Price: $145.00
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The 3:9 rear ends in the bargain bin have pitting on the gears as you can see in the picture. You can give it a shot and cross your fingers or at least you have a good core to start with.

Original Metro rear ends don't except the 3:9 gears so an original 3:9 is the only way to go to drop the RPMs.

Metro's are known to be really loud on the highway whenever driving 50 + mph.

This rear end will give you a more enjoyable ride at higher rpm's without sounding like you're about to take off!

Don't forget to add the correct oil - we recommend 75/90 synthetic or you can go with the standard 80/90 gear oil.

Straight drop in 3:9 rear end conversion that includes a new gasket and seal (not installed).

Get one while you can since there's only so many left out there.

These are sold as is - as are all parts in the bargain bin.

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